Installation, Waterproofing, Repairs & Maintenance

With a climate such as South Africa’s you can be sure your facility and more importantly your facilities roof will experience some heavy rain. Without proper drainage and water flow you can experience a great deal of damage to your structure and ultimately end up paying the price.

Gutters and drainage systems are so important as they handle rain water removal and keep problems from happening! Making sure your gutters and downpipes are all in place, well maintained and effectively set up is so important!

Different techniques are used for different surfaces, and as professionals in the roofing business we are equipped with the know how and experience of execution to issue a "guarantee certificate" after completion of the project.


Roof Inspection
Quote approval
Remove unwanted materials
Surface Preparation
Install/replace new materials
Guarantee Certificate

Same Day FREE Roof Inspection!

We at Sicon Group will go the extra mile for our clients, with that being said, we will review the scope of work that you have already been quoted for by any other company, with regards to quoting you on the exact scope of works or if our knowledge and experience differ from other companies we will then give you a detailed inspection/ solution report to make the process as smooth and cost effective for you, we will at the end of the day offer you a price match or price beat guarantee.

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