Why choose Sicon Group?

If you need roof repairs to look no further than SiCon Group, whether it may be a metal roof, concrete tiled roof, terracotta tiled roof, slate roof, etc., we specialize in all roof types, where you could think of us as your one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs, at SiCon Group you get quality workmanship with teams highly trained to repair your roof.

If the repairs you needed to be done (example) fix a leak, repair a gutter or refit a fascia board, etc.…

Having a qualified tradesperson with experience is critical. Let's take for instance leaks (waterproofing), fixing Leaks is one of the most complex and difficult skills to acquire.

There are so many possible causes of leaks that it usually takes a real professional to be able to locate the source. So many homeowners have experienced the heartache and frustration of having a leak that several handymen have attempted to fix but failed.

Aside from leaks caused by design faults with the home, if you have a leak or the roof color busy fading, fascia boards falling off, or even gutters hanging skew, look no further WE CAN DO AND FIX IT ALL!

Maybe your roof doesn’t leak but still needs some attention, like new gutters, roof spray or fascia boards, etc.. Well we are the company for you, we can help with any roofing repairs/restorations Domestic or Industrial.